MARCH 29–31, 2019

Tanya Aguiñiga

Tanya Aguiñiga created two temporary commissioned sculptures in Galleta Meadows, constructed from hay bales skinned in clay and natural materials sourced from the desert landscape.

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Pearl C. Hsiung

Pearl C. Hsiung explored our complex relationship with nature and the environment through a series of workshops with the youth of Borrego Springs.

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Kori Newkirk

Kori Newkirk, known for transforming found materials into installations that conjure moments of unexpected beauty, created a sculptural apparition in Galleta Meadows.

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Devon Tsuno

Devon Tsuno’s project focused on water and its uses, topics of crucial concern to the desert community of Borrego Springs.

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Mario Ybarra Jr.

Mario Ybarra Jr.’s project was rooted in the idea that art is all around us and that we are all artists.

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Festival Curator Kris Kuramitsu

Kris Kuramitsu is a curator dedicated to supporting the work of contemporary artists.

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