Meet Artist Amitis Motevalli

Amitis Motevalli created Beggars Trying the Glory of Kings in response to the unique landscape and history of Seley Ranches, in dialogue with Sherin Guirguis’ site-specific sculptural installation A’aru. Inspired by the birds found throughout the Borrego Valley and the tradition of Bird Singing among the Cahuilla people, Motevalli embodies the strength and abundance of a rooted tree as she calls the birds to her and leads the audience through the orchard. 

Motevalli is an artist who explores the cultural resistance and survival of people living in poverty, conflict and/or war. Her experience as a trans-national migrant is foundational in her work. She employs many mediums including sculpture, video, performance and collaborative public art.

Her work intends to ask questions about violence and historical documentation and canonization, while invoking the significance of a secular grassroots struggle.

She currently lives and works in Los Angeles, exhibiting art internationally as well as organizing to create an active and critical cultural discourse through information exchange, either in art, pedagogy or organizing artists and educators.